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SF Kickoff Pack

Do you manage an SME?
At worldIT we have the technological solution that allows you to optimize your sales, improve the commercial strength of your business and keep up with the business challenges, safely, wherever you are.

The SF Kickoff Pack is a sales management software developed by worldIT on top of the SalesforceTM platform, the market leading sales management software. Its roll out is simple, fast and adjusted to the needs of your business.

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Total visibility on sales progression and sales team. Real-time, broad view of all sales at one-click distance in the internet or app for iOS and Android.


More deals closed, less missed opportunities. Improve your contact management capabilities and the daily activity of your business team. Keep track of the sales cycle of each customer opportunity in real time.


Greater and better quality of information and more time to focus on sales. In a single screen easily follow up the leads, identify the key contacts, sales opportunities and actions to develop. Trigger alerts and activities.


Scalable as your business grows. Set your goals, increase the productivity of your team and ensure the growth of your company. A solution that grows with our business.

The SF Kickoff Pack allows your business team to better manage your contacts and activities. Customizable with clicks, without coding, the architecture of SF Kickoff Pack achieves results with minimum effort and training. A solution tailored to your business that will help to simplify tasks and keep your sales team focused on sales.

Use the same software as the big companies and guarantee:

Evaluating the performance of your sales in real time, wherever you are

Wider view of all sales

Alignment of your business strength and performance enhancement

Data security and high availability provided by the solution's cloud architecture

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